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Request for Proposals

Proposal for Services
Unit Turnaround
Must be received by 12 pm on October 21, 2022

1. Services to be provided at 815 North 13th Apt. 3B Richmond, IN 47374

Please contact 765-966-2687 Ext. 31 or Ext. 27 to arrange viewing access.

Please contact (765)966-2687, ext. 27, Keon Jackson, for construction bid packet or email

General items:
• Mold remediation as needed in the entire house and attic. Include replacement of any/all rotted and or wet structures, insulation, and finished surfaces. Clean and disinfect all surfaces to address mold issues. Kill surface mold growth with one or two wet sprayings boric acid formula and clean off surface growth mold and provide inspection.
• Clean and sanitize all vents and ducts including but not limited to roof vents according to NADCA standards including but not limited to brushing out complete lines using Source Removal methods and spraying Antimicrobial chemicals in all runs. Brush and sanitize all vent and flue lines for all systems.
Have a licensed plumber rod all drains and plumbing sections and sewer main and provide an inspection report. Report must be submitted prior to any project payouts will be processed.
• Remove all flooring throughout the house and treat with Kills. Please note cat urine throughout all floors so removal of floor tiles is necessary. Once treated to remove cat urine and smell, overlay all floor coverings throughout the house except the 2nd floor bathroom, with Allure #12012 6 in. x 36 in. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring or equivalent. Remove and replace any damaged framing, drywall or soft floor issues throughout house. Color TBD by HACR Management.
• For the stairs repaint to match the walls and clean all rubber treads to like new condition. Repair any damaged to wood as necessary to like new condition.
• Install new thresholds between any dissimilar flooring sections.
• Remove any existing and install new all quarter round throughout the unit painted to match the walls.
• Remove and replace any damaged framing, drywall or soft floor issues throughout house. Replace any damaged sub flooring as needed. Please note: (upstairs floors and bathroom is soft and other areas inside the home) Remove and replace all any damaged base trim and casing. Replace throughout with painted to match the walls.
• All Doors must be working proper operation and to swing free. All must close, lock and seal for proper operation. No light and air penetration including screen doors.
• Remove and replace with new, all interior door knobs and flush cups sized to match existing.
• Replace all vents and registers with new throughout entire unit.
• Replace all closet shelving throughout unit as needed with new wire rack shelving. Must have integrated closet rods in all areas except the kitchen and appropriate bracing throughout for normal use.
• Replace all smoke detectors and CO2 detectors with new (including replacing all backup batteries for proper operation). All detectors must be hard wired to meet code.
• Clean and adjust all windows to proper operation and repair or screens and hardware as needed to proper operation. Repair or replace all window ledges inside and out as needed. Windows and locks must function properly. Remove any window film.
• Install new electric thermostats to code for proper operation.
Please note new colors. Entire interior needs to be patched, skimmed, premiered, and painted to perfect condition ( paint is to be smooth with no spotting, no rough areas, no bad areas) including but not limited to base, casing, toe kicks, stair stringers moldings, closets and shelves using Sherwin Williams SW 6253 Olympus White for the walls and SW 7007 Ceiling Bright White for ceilings and all other repainted areas including but not to limited walls trim, base, casing, toe kicks, stair stringers moldings, closets and shelves. Wall Trim color to be Gibralter. All to be in a semi-gloss finish. Use minimum 2 coats of paint for coverage. There is severe wall damage with holes that will require several new drywall sheets and repairs.
• Repair / Replace any damaged windows or window locks for entire house. All windows must open /close and lock for proper operation. For any new windows replace with Double pane double glazed
insulated low E glass with air or argon fill. U≤0.32 or better Vinyl clad Double Hung, double thermal pane with screens including standard hardware. New windows must be sized to include standards for escape ability per local code. Repair or rebuild framing to conform to new windows as needed including but not limited to code changes for egress and include any needed finish work.
Replace any/all rotted framing found during removal of old windows and insulate and case accordingly. Repair siding and framing to conform to new windows as needed and include any needed finish work.
• Provide and install new vinyl mini blinds in all windows to match width and drop to match window frame. Color is to be alabaster. Must be proper operation.
• Replace any damaged interior doors, hardware and framing with new to match existing type and color. All to be done to proper operation.
• Remove and replace all vinyl base trim throughout with new to match existing.
• Replace all standard outlets and switches throughout entire house also including changing GFCI to code.
• Replace all electrical and light switch cover plates.
• Remove and replace all light fixtures throughout entire unit inside and out with new integrated, not screw-in bulb, LED fixtures sized as existing.
• Replace all vents and registers with new throughout entire unit sized as existing Must be proper operation

• Recaulk entire kitchen as needed.
• Dispose of refrigerator and stove (if applicable) and install new HACR provided refrigerator and stove that will be sized as existing. Must be installed prior to final inspection. Remove and replace kitchen sink and faucet with new as existing. Repair any piping as needed for proper operation.
• Repair all kitchen cabinets and replace hardware as needed for proper operation. Clean inside and outside cabinets Sand down and paint all cabinets in color to be determined by HACR during
contract signing.
• Install new kitchen countertop. Material is to be new plastic laminate countertop. Post form with integral 4" backsplash and full rolled front edge color to be Sable Soapstone or equivalent.
• Replace range hood with new ductless Broan 41000 hood color to match range.
• Install new stainless-steel backsplash behind stove sized to match stove width and counter to
cabinet height.

Utility Room
• Replace door with new vented door sized as existing including hardware for proper operation.
• Remove and replace the existing water heater with a new unit sized as existing. Repair any piping, venting and electric as needed for proper operation.
• Replace existing floor drain cover with new sized as existing.
• Replace all sections of the dryer vent line with new.
• Replace with new all laundry faucets, water feeds, air chambers and drain piping all for proper operation.
• Repair damaged soft flooring

2nd floor Bathroom:
• Replace all drywall with Hardibacker in the area of the surround and throughout bathroom replace drywall with new Greenboard as needed.
• Remove and replace vanity, sink and faucet, and toilet paper holder with new sized as existing.
• Remove and replace toilet and seat with new dual flush low flow unit.
• Remove and replace shower head and gooseneck, controls and drain with new as existing and repair piping as needed for proper operation.
• Repair and or replace all waste water piping as needed for proper operation.
• Remove and replace shower surround with new FRP board sized as existing.
• Remove and replace medicine cabinet, shower rod, towel bars and toilet paper dispenser (and or provide if missing) with new updated sized as existing.
• Replace existing base and replace with new white vinyl.
• Caulk throughout entire bathroom including but not limited to the entire surround.
• Install new electrical ceiling exhaust fan and if needed venting to outside. Repair ceiling, roof and or exterior opening to the house for the removed vent. Both the light and the fan are to be on same switch and eliminate any un-needed switches.
• Remove and replace all tile flooring for the 2nd floor bathroom with new 6"x6" tan ceramic tile with a Slip Resistant Coefficient of friction of 0.60 or greater (wet). Replace any damaged subflooring as needed. Use un-sanded grout all tile areas and in 72hours apply sealer to the grout joints to ensure that the grout is thoroughly saturated with sealer. Please note: (upstairs bathroom floor is soft around the toilet.)

• Remove and replace the all exterior lights with new units.
• Remove the satellite dish and any mounts and repair any holes
• As needed during the project the contractor is to be responsible for maintaining the landscapingof the property.

• Final Clean entire unit -condition left ready for move in. Including but not limited to refrigerator, stove, house, apartment, shed, outside and removal of any and all debris from yard, house, etc.
• Supply cost of any needed permits: Must be secured prior to commencing any on site work.

Total $

Mandatory 10% Contingency $

Total Including Contingency $

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2. Primary Contacts/Notice Addresses
Housing Authority City of Richmond
Keon Jackson
58 South 15ᵗʰ St. Richmond, IN 47374
Phone: 765-966-2687 x 27

3. Term
30 Calendar days to complete work after contract is signed.
All work to be done up to code and any required permits must be visible on site prior to the commencement of any associated work.
• Indiana law states that employers are free to: Prohibit the illegal use of drugs and the use of alcohol at the workplace by all employees. Require that employees not be under the influence of
alcohol or engage in the illegal use of drugs at the workplace. Require that employees behave in conformance with the requirements established under the federal Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1998.
Hold an employee who engages in the illegal use of drugs or who is an alcoholic to the same qualification standards for employment or job performance and behavior that they hold other employees, even if the unsatisfactory job performance or behavior is related to the drug use or alcoholism of the employee.
For purposes of Indiana's drug testing law, a test to determine the illegal use of drugs is not considered to be a medical examination (IN Code Sec. 22-9-5-24).
• If subcontractors are to be used they must be listed on the bid form. The general contractor or prime contractor must complete at least 12% of the project by himself or his employees. The job may
not be subcontracted more than 88%. If subcontractors are used each subcontractor must submit proof to demonstrate the subcontract relationship (contract, incorporation papers, etc.) and a Certificate of
Insurance covering general liability and workers compensation for the subcontractor and employees.
a. The subcontractor shall follow the same wage requirements as above for employees.
b. If subcontractors hire other subcontractors, all requirements apply.
All work to be done in a workmanlike manner.
$100 daily fines for late work start dates or contract surpassing contract timeframe.

4. The key
Please contact primary contact.

5. Total
Cost should include the prevailing wage for labor and Davis Bacon.

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