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Table of Contents

About the ACOP

  • References Cited in the ACOP Intro-I
  • References Cited in the Model ACOP Intro-II

Chapter 1 Overview of the Program and Plan

  • Introduction

Part I: The PHA

  • I.A. Overview
  • I.B. Organization and Structure of the PHA
  • I.C. PHA Mission
  • I.D. The PHA's Commitment to Ethics and Service

Part II: The Public Housing Program

  • II.A. Overview and History of the Program
  • II.B. Public Housing Program Basics
  • II.C. Public Housing Partnerships
  • II.D. Applicable Regulations

Part III: The Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policies

  • III.A. Overview and Purpose of the Policy
  • III.B. Contents of the Policy
  • III.C. Updating and Revising the Policy

Chapter 2 Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

  • Introduction

Part I: Nondiscrimination

  • I.A. Overview
  • I.B. Nondiscrimination
  • I.C. Discrimination Complaints

Part II: Policies Related to Persons with Disabilities

  • II.A. Overview
  • II.B. Definition of Reasonable Accommodation
  • II.C. Request for an Accommodation
  • II.D. Verification of Disability
  • II.E. Approval/Denial of a Requested Accommodation
  • II.F. Program Accessibility for Persons with Hearing or Vision Impairments
  • II.G. Physical Accessibility
  • II.H. Denial or Termination of Assistance

Part III: Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

  • III.A. Overview
  • III.B. Oral Interpretation
  • III.C. Written Translation
  • III.D. Implementation Plan


  • 2-1: Definition of a Person with a Disability Under Federal Civil Rights Laws

Chapter 3 Eligibility

  • Introduction

Part I: Definitions of Family and Household Members

  • I.A. Overview
  • I.B. Family and Household
  • I.C. Family Break-Up and Remaining Member of Tenant Family
  • I.D. Head of Household
  • I.E. Spouse, Cohead, and Other Adult
  • I.F. Dependent
  • I.G. Full-Time Student
  • I.H. Elderly and Near-Elderly Persons, and Elderly Family
  • I.I. Persons with Disabilities and Disabled Family
  • I.J. Guests
  • I.K. Foster Children and Foster Adults
  • I.L. Absent Family Members
  • I.M. Live-In Aide

Part II: Basic Eligibility Criteria

  • II.A. Income Eligibility and Targeting
  • II.B. Citizenship or Eligible Immigration Status
  • II.C. Social Security Numbers
  • II.D. Family Consent to Release of Information
  • II.E. EIV System Searches

Part III: Denial of Admission

  • III.A. Overview
  • III.B. Required Denial of Admission
  • III.C. Other Permitted Reasons for Denial of Admission
  • III.D. Screening
  • III.E. Criteria for Deciding to Deny Admission
  • III.F. Prohibition Against Denial of Assistance to Victims of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, Stalking, and Human Trafficking
  • III.G. Notice of Eligibility or Denial


  • 3-1: Detailed Definitions Related to Disabilities

Chapter 4 Applications, Waiting List and Tenant Selection

  • Introduction

Part I: The Application Process

  • I.A. Overview
  • I.B. Applying for Assistance
  • I.C. Accessibility of the Application Process
  • I.D. Placement on the Waiting List

Part II: Managing the Waiting List

  • II.A. Overview
  • II.B. Organization of the Waiting List
  • II.C. Opening and Closing the Waiting List
  • II.D. Family Outreach
  • II.E. Reporting Changes in Family Circumstances
  • II.F. Updating the Waiting List

Part III: Tenant Selection

  • III.A. Overview
  • III.B. Selection Method
  • III.C. Notification of Selection
  • III.D. The Application Interview
  • III.E. Final Eligibility Determination

Chapter 5 Occupancy Standards and Unit Offers

  • Introduction

Part I: Occupancy Standards

  • I.A. Overview
  • I.B. Determining Unit Size
  • I.C. Exceptions to Occupancy Standards

Part II: Unit Offers

  • II.A. Overview
  • II.B. Number of Offers
  • II.C. Time Limit for Unit Offer Acceptance or Refusal
  • II.D. Refusals of Unit Offers
  • II.E. Accessible Units
  • II.F. Designated Housing

Chapter 6 Income And Rent Determinations

  • Introduction

Part I: Annual Income

  • I.A. Overview
  • I.B. Household Composition and Income
  • I.C. Anticipating Annual Income
  • I.D. Earned Income
  • I.E. Earned Income Disallowance
  • I.F. Business Income
  • I.G. Assets
  • I.H. Periodic Payments
  • I.I. Payments In Lieu Of Earnings
  • I.J. Welfare Assistance
  • I.K. Periodic and Determinable Allowances
  • I.L. Additional Exclusions from Annual Income

Part II: Adjusted Income

  • II.A. Introduction
  • II.B. Dependent Deduction
  • II.C. Elderly or Disabled Family Deduction
  • II.D. Medical Expenses Deduction
  • II.E. Disability Assistance Expenses Deduction
  • II.F. Childcare Expense Deduction
  • II.G. Permissive Deductions

Part III: Calculating Rent

  • III.A. Overview of Income-Based Rent Calculations
  • III.B. Financial Hardships Affecting Minimum Rent
  • III.C. Utility Allowances
  • III.D. Prorated Rent for Mixed Families
  • III.E. Flat Rents and Family Choice in Rents


  • 6-1: Annual Income Inclusions
  • 6-2: Annual Income Exclusions
  • 6-3: Treatment Of Family Assets
  • 6-4: Earned Income Disallowance
  • 6-5: The Effect of Welfare Benefit Reduction

Chapter 7 Verification

  • Introduction

Part I: General Verification Requirements

  • I.A. Family Consent to Release of Information
  • I.B. Overview of Verification Requirements
  • I.C. Up-Front Income Verification (UIV)
  • I.D. Third-Party Written and Oral Verification
  • I.E. Self-Certification

Part II: Verifying Family Information

  • II.A. Verification of Legal Identity
  • II.B. Social Security Numbers
  • II.C. Documentation of Age
  • II.D. Family Relationships
  • II.E. Verification of Student Status
  • II.F. Documentation of Disability
  • II.G. Citizenship or Eligible Immigration Status
  • II.H. Verification of Preference Status

Part III: Verifying Income and Assets

  • III.A. Earned Income
  • III.B. Business and Self Employment Income
  • III.C. Periodic Payments and Payments in Lieu of Earnings
  • III.D. Alimony or Child Support
  • III.E. Assets and Income from Assets
  • III.F. Net Income from Rental Property
  • III.G. Retirement Accounts
  • III.H. Income from Excluded Sources
  • III.I. Zero Annual Income Status

Part IV: Verifying Mandatory Deductions

  • IV.A. Dependent and Elderly/Disabled Household Deductions
  • IV.B. Medical Expense Deduction
  • IV.C. Disability Assistance Expenses
  • IV.D. Childcare Expenses


  • 7-1: Summary of Documentation Requirements for Noncitizens

Chapter 8 Leasing and Inspections

  • Introduction

Part I: Leasing

  • I.A. Overview
  • I.B. Lease Orientation
  • I.C. Execution of Lease
  • I.D. Modifications to The Lease
  • I.E. Security Deposits
  • I.F. Payments Under the Lease
  • I.G Minimum Heating Standards

Part II: Inspections

  • II.A. Overview
  • II.B. Types of Inspections
  • II.C. Notice and Scheduling of Inspections
  • II.D. Inspection Results


  • 8-1: Smoke-Free Policy

Chapter 9 Reexaminations

  • Introduction

Part I: Annual Reexaminations for Families Paying Income-Based Rents

  • I.A. Overview
  • I.B. Streamlined Annual Reexaminations
  • I.C. Scheduling Annual Reexaminations
  • I.D. Conducting Annual Reexaminations
  • I.E. Effective Dates

Part II: Reexaminations for Families Paying Flat Rents

  • II.A. Overview
  • II.B. Full Reexamination of Family Income and Composition
  • II.C. Reexamination of Family Composition ("Annual Update")

Part III: Interim Reexaminations

  • III.A. Overview
  • III.B. Changes in Family and Household Composition
  • III.C. Changes Affecting Income or Expenses
  • III.D. Processing the Interim Reexamination

Part IV: Recalculating Tenant Rent

  • IV.A. Overview
  • IV.B. Changes in Utility Allowances
  • IV.C. Notification of New Tenant Rent
  • IV.D. Discrepancies

Chapter 10 Pets

  • Introduction

Part I: Assistance Animals

  • I.A. Overview
  • I.B. Approval of Assistance Animals
  • I.C. Care and Handling

Part II: Pet Policies for All Developments

  • II.A. Overview
  • II.B. Management Approval of Pets
  • II.C. Standards for Pets
  • II.D. Pet Rules

Part III: Pet Deposits and Fees in Elderly/Disabled Developments

  • III.A. Overview
  • III.B. Pet Deposits
  • III.C. Other Charges

Part IV: Pet Deposits and Fees in General Occupancy Developments

  • IV.A. Overview
  • IV.B. Pet Deposits
  • IV.C. Non-Refundable Nominal Pet Fee
  • IV.D. Other Charges

Chapter 11 Community Service

  • Introduction

Part I: Community Service Requirement

  • I.A. Overview
  • I.B. Requirements
  • I.C. Determination of Exemption Status and Compliance
  • I.D. Documentation and Verification
  • I.E. Noncompliance

Part II: Implementation Of Community Service

  • II.A. Overview


  • 11-1: Community Service and Self-Sufficiency Policy
  • 11-2: Definition of a Person with a Disability Under Social Security Acts 216(I)(L) and Section 1416(Excerpt) for Purposes of Exemption from Community Service
  • 11-3: PHA Determination of Exemption for Community Service
  • 11-4: CSSR Work-Out Agreement


Chapter 12 Transfer Policy


Part I: Emergency Transfers

  • I.A. Overview
  • I.B. Emergency Transfers
  • I.C. Emergency Transfer Procedures
  • I.D. Costs of Transfer

Part II: PHA Required Transfers

  • II.A. Overview
  • II.B. Types of PHA Required Transfers
  • II.C. Adverse Action
  • II.D. Cost of Transfer

Part III: Transfers Requested by Tenants

  • III.A. Overview
  • III.B. Types of Residents Requested Transfers
  • III.C. Eligibility for Transfer
  • III.D. Security Deposits
  • III.E. Cost of Transfer
  • III.F. Handling of Requests

Part IV: Transfer Processing

  • IV.A. Overview
  • IV.B. Transfer List
  • IV.C. Transfer Offer Policy
  • IV.D. Good Cause for Unit Refusal
  • IV.E. De-concentration
  • IV.F. Reexamination Policies for Transfers

Chapter 13 Lease Terminations

  • Introduction

Part I: Termination By Tenant

  • I.A. Tenant Chooses to Terminate the Lease

Part II: Termination By PHA - Mandatory

  • II.A. Overview
  • II.B. Failure to Provide Consent
  • II.C. Failure to Document Citizenship
  • II.D. Failure to Disclose and Document Social Security Numbers
  • II.E. Failure to Accept the PHA's Offer of a Lease Revision
  • II.F. Methamphetamine Conviction
  • II.G Lifetime Registered Sex Offenders
  • II.H. Noncompliance with Community Service Requirements
  • II.I. Death of A Sole Family Member
  • II.J. Over Income Families [24 CFR 960.507; FR Notice 7/26/18 Notice PIH 2019-11; FR Notice 2/14/23]

Part III: Termination By PHA - Other Authorized Reasons

  • III.A. Overview
  • III.B. Mandatory Lease Provisions
  • III.C. Other Authorized Reasons for Termination
  • III.D. Alternatives to Termination of Tenancy
  • III.E. Criteria for Deciding to Terminate Tenancy
  • III.F. Terminations Related to Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking

Part IV: Notification Requirements, Eviction Procedures And Record Keeping

  • IV.A. Overview
  • IV.B. Conducting Criminal Records Checks
  • IV.C. Disclosure of Criminal Records to Family
  • IV.D. Lease Termination Notice
  • IV.E. Eviction
  • IV.F. Notification to Post Office
  • IV.G. Record Keeping

Chapter 14 Grievances And Appeals

  • Introduction

Part I: Informal Hearings for Public Housing Applicants

  • I.A. Overview
  • I.B. Informal Hearing Process

Part II: Informal Hearings with Regard to Noncitizens

  • II.A. Hearing and Appeal Provisions for Noncitizens

Part III: Grievance Procedures for Public Housing Residents

  • III.A. Requirements
  • III.B. Definitions
  • III.C. Applicability
  • III.D. Informal Settlement of Grievance
  • III.E. Procedures to Obtain a Hearing
  • III.F. Selection of Hearing Officer
  • III.G. Remote Hearings
  • III.H. Procedures Governing the Hearing
  • III.I. Decision of The Hearing Officer


  • 14-1: Grievance Procedure

Chapter 15 Program Integrity

  • Introduction

Part I: Preventing, Detecting, and Investigating Errors and Program Abuse

  • I.A. Preventing Errors and Program Abuse
  • I.B. Detecting Errors and Program Abuse
  • I.C. Investigating Errors and Program Abuse

Part II: Corrective Measures and Penalties

  • II.A. Under or Overpayment
  • II.B. Family-Caused Errors and Program Abuse
  • II.C. PHA-Caused Errors or Program Abuse
  • II.D. Criminal Prosecution
  • II.E. Fraud and Program Abuse Recoveries

Chapter 16 Program Administration

  • Introduction

Part I: Setting Utility Allowances

  • I.A. Overview
  • I.B Utility Allowances
  • I.C. Surcharges For PHA-Furnished Utilities
  • I.D. Notice Requirements
  • I.E. Reasonable Accommodation and Individual Relief

Part II: Establishing Flat Rents

  • II.A. Overview
  • II.B. Flat Rents

Part III: Family Debts to the PHA

  • III.A. Overview
  • III.B. Repayment Policy

Part IV: Public Housing Assessment System (PHAs)

  • IV.A. Overview
  • IV.B. PHAs Indicators
  • IV.C. PHAs Scoring

Part V: Record Keeping

  • V.A. Overview
  • V.B. Record Retention
  • V.C. Records Management

Part VI: Reporting Requirements for Children with Elevated Blood Lead Level

  • VI.A. Reporting Requirements

Part VII: Violence Against Women Act (VAWA): Notification, Documentation, and Confidentiality

  • VII.A. Overview
  • VII.B. Definitions
  • VII.C. Notification
  • VII.D. Documentation
  • VII.E. Confidentiality


  • 16-1: Sample Notice of Occupancy Rights Under the Violence Against Women Act, Form Hud-5380
  • 16-2: Certification of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking and Alternate Documentation, Form Hud-5382
  • 16-3 Emergency Transfer Plan for Victims of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking
  • 16-4 Emergency Transfer Request for Certain Victims of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking, Form Hud-5383