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Emergency Number 765.914.8222

HUD defines an emergency as physical work items that impose an immediate threat to the life, health, and safety of residents, extreme property damage, major inconvenience to the residents, and/or items that are related to fire safety. 

Emergency Situations

  1. Gas leak/smell
  2. No Heat (Winter Months)
  3. No AC (Summer Months)
  4. Door or accessible window-security breached (broken window or door)
  5. Broken glass in the unit or around the unit (if cut possible)
  6. The kitchen sink stopped up
  7. The bathroom sink and tub stopped up
  8. Toilet stopped up
  9. No electricity
  10. Power shortages in any room (indicated by sparks or fire)
  11. No hot water or no water
  12. Smoke or carbon monoxide detector beeping
  13. Water leak (if water all over unit)
  14. Fire anywhere in the unit