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Free Cooking Classes Interest Form

Please fill out the Free Cooking Classes Interest Form to let us know that you would like to participate in FREE cooking classes taking place in the Community Rooms of the HACR Apartments (Bobby Smith (Norwood), Jerry Geier (Westwood), Merle Henderson, and Southview).

We will only be able to offer these classes if we get enough interest!

Questions? Please call (765) 280 6145, or email Lindsay or visit our office at 58 South 15th Street.

Purdue Extension: Improving Nutrition and Health in Communities Statewide!

Come Learn with Us
Are you ready to learn more about nutrition and improve your and your family's health? Contact your local Purdue Extension Nutrition Education Program (NEP) today!

We provide FREE food and nutrition lessons for individuals and groups in your community. Our practical, hands-on programs will help you:

  • Stretch your food dollars
  • Plan fast, easy, and healthy meals
  • Handle food safely
  • Increase physical activity
  • Prepare healthy snacks
  • Make vegetables fun and tasty
  • Find out about SNAP benefits and other community resources

Your Health Partners
With our trained and certified nutrition advisors, you will unlock the secrets to a healthy lifestyle in a welcoming and encouraging environment. We will introduce you to new recipes and offer free kitchen tools. We will also surprise you with fun activities you can do alone or share with your family.

No Studying, No Grades!
In our classes, you learn by doing! Gain new cooking skills, sample delicious healthy recipes and discover exercise can be fun.

Try a Sample Lesson
It's easy to join a class! NEP offers lessons throughout your community at:

  • Senior/Community Centers
  • Faith-based Organizations
  • Food Pantries/Meal Sites
  • Schools
  • Farmers Markets
  • WIC Offices
  • Work Sites
  • Libraries
  • Shelters

We also offer virtual and video classes to adult participants!

Purdue Extension NEP Classes Brochure. All information from this brochure is listed below.