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What Home Means to Me Poster Contest


Since 2008, this contest has recognized the amazing art of children who live in affordable housing across the country. Each piece of art visually shares the child's thoughts on what their home means to them. Each year, hundreds of children, ages 5-18, participate in the contest. Their heartfelt messages about their homes underscore the importance of the work that housers and community development professionals do.

We want our Resident Youth to participate. We will provide your art supplies if needed. Please call our office or email to let us know you need art supplies.

Please note: NAHRO will not accept submissions from individual housing authoritiesAny submissions sent directly to NAHRO will be disqualified.

Visit for more details, rules, and how to enter the contest.

2023 What Home Means to Me Calendar Winner. The drawing features a girl pointing at various things that mean home to her.