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General Specifications for Modernization


The Housing Authority of the City of Richmond (HACR) is seeking bids from qualified Contractors to provide general contracting services.

  1. Provided services shall include all necessary labor and materials for a complete job as per the attached individual site-specific plans and/or specifications.
  2. All work shall be done in a professional, workmanlike manner and shall comply with all building codes. The contractor is responsible for securing and paying for any building permits and/or providing evidence of any business or trade licenses required by governing authorities for the performance of the work and for scheduling any inspections which may be required. The contractor is also responsible for the scheduling of deliveries, stocking, and storage of all materials. The HACR representative will designate a specific staging area for the contractor.
  3. The contractor is responsible for re-working, adding to, and/or modifying existing conditions as necessary to result in a complete professional and aesthetic installation of specified products.
  4. The contractor shall be responsible for any and all patching of damaged areas due to installation as necessary to match existing surfaces. Care shall be taken to remove or protect any items or obstructions in the work area.
  5. Work and/or planning shall commence within 1 calendar day of signing the Notice to Proceed and shall be completed within the timeline stated on the Notice to Proceed unless stated otherwise. A penalty of $100 per day will be assessed for failure to comply with these requirements unless the completion date is extended in writing by HACR.
  6. For construction work, the Contractor is to guarantee all labor and materials for a period of one year after the final acceptance of work by HACR and receipt of a final certificate of occupancy for building permits issued.
  7. This is a tax-exempt job.