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About Us


With its expansion of programs and services, HACR has been and still is, one of the highest performing public housing agencies in the State of Indiana.

The success of a public housing agency is tied directly to those who oversee and monitor its activity. HACR is one of the State's leading agencies due in part to the commitment it has from its Board of Commissioners. The majority of them have served on the Board for quite some time and bring a combined 112 years of experience to the agency. They are recognized for their hard work and dedication to the affordable housing community.

The mission of the agency, since 1968, remains very much the same today, to provide affordable housing to the low to moderate-income population of this community. In addition to housing eligible families, HACR seeks to assist those families in becoming economically self-sufficient. Partnering with several entities and individuals who provide a vast array of goods and services is the springboard to helping families to achieve that goal.