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Reverend James M. Townsend Memorial Building

The Reverend James M. Townsend Memorial Building, formerly known as the Townsend Community Center, was born out of the idea of racial fusion/interaction. In 1921, a small group of forward-thinking Caucasian & Black citizens in Richmond, IN had a dream. These individuals included Timothy Nicholson, Judge Daniel Webster Comstock, William Dudley Foulke, Adam H. Bartel, George Knollenberg, Pastor James M. Townsend, Sam Fred, and C.R. Richardson. The dream was to create a community center where people of all backgrounds could come together in Richmond. This dream turned into the Townsend Community Center, now known as the Reverend James M. Townsend Memorial Building, named for the distinguished Black post-Civil War pastor and educator James M. Townsend. He was later elected to the State Legislature and was appointed to serve in the federal government by President Benjamin Harrison.

The Housing Authority of the City of Richmond purchased the Townsend Community Center, now known as the Reverend James M. Townsend Memorial Building, in December of 2016 and has completely remodeled it to benefit the community and its citizens. Services are a Head Start Program for approximately 75-80 children, and Boys and Girls Clubs First Bank Unit of Wayne County serves approximately 125-150 kids; and Every Child Can Read, with additional services coming in the near future.